Term Life Insurance


"Renting" Insurance

  • Great place to start for many individuals 
  • Often used as Mortgage Insurance 
  • Coverage is available to Age 80 or 85 (Depending on Insurer).
  • Option to Extend or Convert Coverage without Medical Qualification.
  • Typically Entry Policies

Permanent Life Insurance


"Owning" Insurance

  • Also referred to as Universal Life, or Whole Life,
  • Coverage available to Age 100 
  • Cash Savings Component 
  • Tax Sheltered Growth 
  • Pre-Pay, Level Pay, Quick Pay Options 
  • Increased Flexibility 
  • Business Owners Preferred Choice.

Guaranteed & Final Expense


  • If you have ever been declined, or have Medical Conditions making you hard to Insure  don't worry, We've got you Covered. 
  • Available at any age - Little or No Underwriting Options Available 
  • Life Insurance and/or Critical Illness Insurance Available.

Critical Illness Insurance


  • Lump Sum Payment for when the "Big Stuff" Happens 
  • Up to 25 Conditions Covered while taking you away from work for a period of time while you recover from events such as a heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc.
  • Funds are used at your discretion, whether you are looking for a second opinion, treatment abroad, or time with family, the choice is yours. 

Injury/Disability Insurance


  • Income replacement in the event of Injury or Disability
  • 24 Hour Coverage Available 
  • 0/30 Day Waiting Periods 
  • Benefits Paid up to Age 70. 

Health & Dental Plans


Group Plans for Businesses

  • 2 or more full-time Employees (20 hours/wk).
  • Husband & Wife - Owner/Operations now qualify.
  • 100% Customization, designed to cover what is important to you and your business.
  • Pay Direct Cards
  • Proven to extend Employee retention and improve performance.

Individual Health and Dental Plans

  • For Individuals and Families without Employer Health Benefits 
  • Multiple Options Available.