Accumulation and Preservation

Making Your Money Work

Whether you are just starting out, or you are a more experienced investor, we have the tools, experience, and products to make the most of your money, so whatever your Piggy Bank looks like – we can help. 

We want you to know and understand the difference between an RSP, TSFA, Open Account, Savings Account and everything in between. 

Once you know and understand the options available, tax implication of each and purpose, we will guide you to ensure that your funds are appropriately distributed, and working as hard as you are. 

We know that your risk tolerance is unique and changes over time, as do your goals. We work with our clients to make sure your investments and insurance line up to your goals and expectations, adapting along the way.

Talk to one of our Advisors about which options are best for you and your Family or Business.

The Right Way

Choosing the Right Vehicle


How you get where your going is just as important as where you are headed. We will discuss the options with you, making sure you have your money in the right account types to meet your personal goals. We want to make sure that the journey is enjoyable, taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves, and minimizing unnecessary risk.   

Your Future Depends on the Choices You Make Today


 Keeping the most of your hard earned savings is at the top of our priorities. We want to make sure we have done our part to get the most out of your investment profile, and making sure we have taken full advantage of Tax Preferred, and Deferred strategies. Let us help you utilize the available strategies that will maximize returns, minimize tax and preserve wealth.

Working with Jacobsen Financial Consulting Advisors


We want to work with you through all of life's moments. We have a vested interest in the success of our clients; this provides a mutually beneficial relationship with recognizable success.